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Sharing encrypted documents with external users if they don't have an Azure AD account or use a supported app.

A lot of what we do during a workday is exchange information, either with people inside, or outside of our organization. A question that is asked quite a bit is: How do we share encrypted information with people outside our tenant if they don't have an Azure AD account.

Exposure score and Microsoft Defender ATP

Just a super short post today, and we may go deeper into the greatness of Microsoft Defender ATP later. We get a lot of questions from customers about why they should invest in an E5 license (Microsoft 365 E5), and Security is often the answer.

My blog has a new name! (and a short story from the evolution of security and antivirus)

The advantages of having a small blog is that I have a lot of freedom when it comes to changing things around. What used to be a blog about Microsoft Information Protection, will now be a blog about security in general. (But mostly Microsoft 365 stuff). The name, as many of you know, is a little joke about a very common password not so long ago. 

Using Secure Score and Compliance score to help secure your environment.

It is easy to get lost wen looking through all the different security and compliance settings in Microsoft 365. We see some truly scary stuff out there these days, like what happened with Garmin who was basically shut down for days after a ransomware attack .