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Different rights for different users, using the same label.

I got a question today about how to give different rights to different users, using the same label and thought that could be an interesting blog post.

AIP in the Azure portal

One of my first (and most read) blog posts was  AIP – Policies, Labels, templates and protection explained. The thing is, AIP has changed so much, it really isn't as useful as it once was back in the day (close to a year ago). Not only have the views changed, but it has become (as I see it at least) easier. I thought we should just take a quick look at how things look in the Azure portal these days.

End of support for the Rights Management sharing application

The Rights Management sharing application for Windows has been around for a while, and maybe some of you out there are still using it? Then it is time to do something about that. On January 31 st , 2019 the application has it’s end of support.