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A deeper dive into protecting your information in the cloud - Part 2

As we talked about in the first post, we have several ways to protect our information in the cloud. I thought it would be fitting to start with AIP. Azure Information Protection or MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) as some call it these days. But a lot has changed here, and we will start by describing what has happened lately. A fairytale from the real world . Feel free to ignore the history chapter if you want to go to the technical stuff. Fair warning: In this, our first post about AIP/MIP we will look at the basics of things, and how it all looks from the portal.

A deeper dive into protecting your information in the cloud - Part 1

During the years I have done a lot of information protection projects and set up solutions with labeling for both small and larger organizations. For customers who want to protect their data, there really are no reasons to wait to get started. Know that a lot of time will (should) go into planning the label settings and protections settings. And also know that this is not a perfect system. It will require a lot of thinking on your part to get this right. I will write a series of blogposts describing the different ways to protect data in the cloud and my experiences with the different solutions. This is part 1 in this series and will serve as a kind of introduction.