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A short guide to internet safety (for beginners).

Things to expect when you start using a computer for the first time. (You can print out this to give to anyone who may need it.) And let's be honest. It is not just for the newbies. Many get scammed every day, even if they know a thing or two about computers and the web. As computer professionals we often think that guides like this isn’t necessary anymore, but people are being scammed every day, so if this can save even a couple of people, it has done its job. This is info that doesn't take into account what kind of security software you are using, and basically is just common sense.  I have always thought something like this should be given to first-time PC-users/buyers. (Here is the computer, and here is the guide. Read this before you start doing anything at all on your computer. If it is too technical get help going through this from a family member/friend that knows about this stuff.)