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Securing emails to "regular" users with Information Protection.

  This is a scenario that tend to stop our information protection discussions pretty fast. Cause even though Sensitivity labels are great at securing/labeling info, even when sharing with external parties, this changes immediately when we want to communicate directly with customers in a B2C scenario. Microsoft has showcased the growing support for this if the customer has gmail or outlook and stuff like that, but we cannot assume that this goes for everyone, and even more important: We cannot assume that our customers have tech knowledge. So, what do we do then? How about those non-business users? If you have any experience with this and want to share them with us, please let me know in the comment section below.   Sensitivity labels These are great. After Microsoft bought Secure Islands (back in 2016 I believe it was) Rights Management Service (RMS) turned into something with a lot more potential with Azure Information Protection (AIP). This has evolved further into what we know