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What happens to a file that is labeled, but not protected, if we add encryption to the label at a later date?

Yes, this is another question that I have heard a few times, and I see why it sometimes can seem confusing. And today I was asked again: So, what does happens to a file that has been labeled, but not protected if we add protection to the label later. The answer is that label settings that were applied at the time will not be changed because the label has been changed, I said, and felt pretty sure about this, but I still wanted to make certain. So, to the lab I went.

Things to consider when you want to get started with information protection (MIP/AIP)

Information Protection gives us the opportunity to classify, label, protect and monitor our (sensitive) information. A lot of improvements has happened over the past years, and it is maturing into a solution I feel everyone should care about. 

Ignite 2019 - News in the Information Protection world

When I set my feet on the ground back in norway 25 hours after checking out of my hotel in Orlando, I felt tired, but happy. Happy to be home in -4 degrees (24,8 F), but also happy because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great and skilled people, gain insight into new technology and to be part of a great event.