Ignite 2019 - News in the Information Protection world

When I set my feet on the ground back in norway 25 hours after checking out of my hotel in Orlando, I felt tired, but happy. Happy to be home in -4 degrees (24,8 F), but also happy because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great and skilled people, gain insight into new technology and to be part of a great event.

When it comes to security, which was my main focus, we saw even more signs that Microsofts awesome AI and Machine Learning technology has taken great strides the past few years, and has also taken some steps in the Information Protection and Governance world.

MFA was a recurring theme over many sessions, and it was shocking to me that still only 8% of the tenants world wide has implemented MFA for privileged accounts, up from 1,7% last year. I wonder what it will be next year.

Still only 8% has enabled MFA for privileged accounts!
If you haven't done this yet because you don't know how, it is very easy. Take a look at how in this article: Protect privileged accounts with MFA

Thanks to Nir Hendlers awesome, and very comprehensive recap, we can all take a look at what was shown: Information Protection Ignite 2019 recap with the highlights listed clearly in the announcement list.

I especially loved the trainable classifiers, the sensitivity labeling for SharePoint Online, and sensitivity labeling for Outlook mobile.

I am looking forward to testing/start using these features as more and more of them comes into/out of preview.


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