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Requirements to use Information Protection (AIP, MIP, RMS) in your organization

Sometimes, when you work with something over time, and then want to explain some of the functionality to others, it is easy to jump some steps. I have gotten some feedback from readers that has made me realize that there are a few things that should be added to many of my posts. 

How to use Sensitivity sublabels to protect information between groups inside a tenant.

Some companies have pretty strict boundaries that should make it possible for individual groups to secure information from the other groups. In my example we have 4 project groups that lives in the same tenant, and they can share quite a bit, but they also have certain types of information they want to keep from the others. This could for instance be used for internal projects where information is confidential etc.

Protecting Exchange Online email with mail flow rules (Office 365 Message Encryption).

You may not have setup AIP, but still want to protect some of your emails automatically. If you have an Office 365 E3 (or higher) license you can use Encrypt and Do Not Forward rules to protect your emails.

How do I use the Do Not Forward or Encrypt options when I have installed AIPv2 client (Unified labelling)?

This is in no way an AIP/OME article, but since I have gotten a few questions about this I though I could just write a short post about it.