How do I use the Do Not Forward or Encrypt options when I have installed AIPv2 client (Unified labelling)?

This is in no way an AIP/OME article, but since I have gotten a few questions about this I though I could just write a short post about it. 

For those who want to read more about the Unified labelling client and migrating your labels to Office 365 Sensitivity labels, you can read more here: 
Now back to the post. Today we are talking about the Encrypt and Do Not Forward option and how they are no longer displayed on the Outlook ribbon. You can still find it though, if you know where to look. For instance, select New Email, and go to Options on the ribbon. Here you can see the Encrypt button.

The Encrypt button. Hidden under Options.

You can select Encrypt if all you want is to encrypt the content and not apply any other restrictions, but many people seems to like the “Do Not Forward” option. This will be in the dropdown menu. 
The Good old Do Not Forward option.

But what if you don’t want that? What if all you want is to have the button back on the ribbon the way it was before? Well, it is almost possible. 

Right-Click anywhere on the ribbon (where there is no info):

Select Customize the Ribbon and you will see the Outlook Options box display the Customize the Ribbon options.

Now on to the dragging and the dropping!
As you can see, Encrypt is there, but now under Options. Just select the Encrypt option and drag and drop it to wherever you want to have it under the New Mail message. 
A big arrow was needed to visualize this.
Mine randomly ended up here, but you can choose what suits you.
Put the Encrypt option where you want it.

Press OK, and you will see the Encrypt button on the Message tab.


Now, this is all well and good. But what if you have 20 users that want this changed? Or 100, or thousands? That makes it a little impractical to do this on the individual users right? You can make these changes using GPO for instance, but that would be out of scope for this short post.


  1. Waiting for the next post with GPO (or OMA-URI) settings... :)

    1. Thanks for reading, James. If there is interest, I will try to get this out sometime, next week. :)


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