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Using Do not Forward or Encrypt Only as the results of a Sensitivity Label

Do not Forward and Encrypt Only can be found in Outlook by default for all who uses Office 365 E3 or equivalent/higher. And as many know, they can also be used in a Sensitivity label. But what are the consequenses of using these, instead of creating our own encryption settings within the label? This is what we will be looking at today.  As many know, we can use these two in Outlook, as long as we have the proper license. They are well hidden away under Options, and can look a little like this:    EO and DNF in Outlook.  I've covered these in earlier blogposts , but lets just quickly go through them again here: " Encrypt/Encrypt-Only " option makes sure the email is encrypted and recipients must be authenticated, but then they have all usage rights except Save As, Export and Full Control (Basically means no restriction except that they cannot remove the protection). When the Do Not Forward option is applied to an email, the email is encrypted and recipients must be au

Do not Forward and the protection of attachments

Maybe I am the only one who has misunderstood this, but if not, this may be useful for you. I've been wrong about this for a while, and since it is not a feature we have used, I didn't really look into it until today. I always thought that using Do not Forward in a label would make sure attachments where given the same DNF rights.  Unfortunately I was shown the error of my ways by one of my customers today, when I answered (with some confidence) that, yes: Attachments get the same protection. He then replied that he was able to do all kinds of things with the attachment, and I started to look into it more closely. Microsoft has many great articles about protecting information, and this article is no exception. I guess you just have to read it carefully. They say:  “When the Do Not Forward option is applied to an email, the email is encrypted and recipients must be authenticated. Then, the recipients cannot forward it, print it, or copy from it . For example, in the Outlook cli