The pre-Microsoft Ignite 2019 blogpost about Information Protection - Part 1

Some of you may be attending Ignite 2019, and like me, want to use this oportunity to see what is happening in the Information Protection world. I have been trying to find a list of sessions I want to see, and I thought I could share them with you.

For the second (and final) part of this blog series, go to: The pre-Microsoft Ignite 2019 blogpost about Information Protection - Part 2

Although some things have changed, Ignite is always exciting for those of us with interest in IT. It is not as it used to be, where we waited for the big releases, like Windows 2008, Exchange 2013 etc. since now it is a constant flow of changes. It can be a little harder to keep up, and there is a reason we don't find that many M365 books, as it has become harder to write about the information, since you would have to change them litterally all the time. A little off topic, but the only book I know of in my field, that has actually pulled this off is Office 365 for IT Pros  which is a book I can recommend. They have really done a great job keeping this updated. And in a way that makes events like Ignite even more important. It makes it easier to gather infomation on a lot of important releases and updates in one event.

So, on to Ignite. I will be spending my Sunday on the cyber security pre-day workshop (Microsoft Cybersecurity Summit)  before the actual sessions start. And just so that it is said: This is not a complete guide to Information Protection on Ignite. If I have forgotten something, or you think that I should include something else, please let me know. The entire session catalog can be found here: Session Scheduler
Orlando, FL.(Photo: Microsoft)

As you all probably know. this years Ignite will take place in Orlando from 4th of November until the 8th.It has been sold out for a while, but there is always a chance if you register on the waiting list. Also, if you are attending for the first time: Ignite is a great opportunity for social events also. And if you want to meet the AIP team during Ignite, you can let them know here: Meet the AIP team

Knowing a little bit about what sessions you want to attend before you get there can make things a little less stressful, and you are able to build your schedule from the Session Scheduler that I linked to over.

Just let me add this little disclaimer: These posts does not take distances between sessions into account. We don't know where the sessions will be held yet, and from experience some of them might be pretty far apart, and can be hard to reach in time.



As most of you I will start the day with the Keynote at 9:00. And one of the sessions I am most excited about on monday is the THR2097 Top new information protection capabilities announced at Microsoft Ignite (12:30 PM - 12:50 PM). It will be held by Maithili Dandige and Gagan Gulati from Microsoft and they will be giving a short "best of" what is new in Information Protection. Maithili Dandige is the Product leader for Microsoft Information Protection and Gagan Gulati is Group Manager for Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Information Protection.

I will also attend the 1:40 PM - 2:00 PM session on how Microsoft empowers employees through self-service collaboration while still protecting the company in Office 365 (THR2251) and I mention this although it is not strictly Information Protection related, we often come into this realm in our projects. 

I will end mondays sessions with the 20 minute THR3067 - Know your data: Top five tips and tricks to better understand your sensitive data landscape (5:10 PM; - 5:30 PM) where Cathy Lin and Bhavanesh Rengarajan tells us about tools we can use to discover, identify, classify and analyze sensitive information across devices, apps, on-premises and in the cloud.

At 5:30 PM, the Welcome Reception will start, and last until 7:30. A good opportunity to meet people, and socialize.

Gettings seats isn't always easy. (Photo: Pixabay)



Tuesday is a day of hard choices as the session list is really great for the Information Protection interested. There are a lot of sessions I want to attend on this day.

First of all, I want to recommend the session by a good friend of mine: BRK3143 - Secure your information, not your devices. Olav is a highly skilled MVP, with many years of experience and I am looking forward to this session. (3:30 PM - 4:15 PM)

The day starts with COMP10 Know your data: Use intelligence to identify, protect, and govern your important data  (9:AM - 9:45 AM) where Maithili Dandige and Shilpa Ranganathan  will provide us with a deeper understanding of our capabilities in Information Protection.

Since this is a 45 minute session, I will have to decide if I am going to this or go to:

Roberto Yglesias, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft 365 Compliance engineering team will be doing THR1074 - Learning more about intelligent Information governance across all your data (9:35 AM to 9:55 AM). This seems like a very interesting session about governance strategy.

I will also be attending another session by Maithili Dandige and Gagan Gulati: BRK2119 - Secure your sensitive data! Understanding the latest Microsoft Information Protection capabilities. (10:15-11:00) where we take a closer look at new policy and configuration options, enhanced end-user experiences, enhancements to data inspection and classification, and key integration points across Microsoft 365 and third-party solutions. We show the product experiences in action and provide practical tips on how to get the most out of these capabilities.

There is another compliance session at 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM called COMP30 Harness your data explosion with intelligent information governance for those of you who want to dive more into Information Governance.

Since I will be attending Olavs session (BRK3143 - Secure your information, not your devices.), I will have to  miss the two following sessions that run at the same time:

THR2096 Quick tour of the latest and greatest Data Loss Prevention capabilities in Microsoft 365 to help prevent oversharing of sensitive information (3:05 PM - 3:25 PM) (Since there is five minutes between these I may be able to see this as well, if they are not too far apart)

And SECO40 Understanding how the latest Microsoft Information Protection solutions help protect your sensitive data (3:15 PM - 4:00 PM) (I will definately see the recording of this one. A lot of skilled people, and very interesting topic.)

Both of which should be well worth seeing.

And for another hard choice for this day:

BRK2122 - Demystifying Microsoft Information Protection solutions: A panel discussion with the product experts has some of the best IP people discussing common questions, myths and concerns related to MIP solutions at 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM


THR2098 - Latest Microsoft Information Protection partner solutions to help protect your sensitive data where we can learn about the latest updates to the Microsoft Information Protection SDK and how it can be used to extend classification, labeling, and protection capabilities to other apps and services. (5:00 PM - 5:20 PM)

Microsoft (Photo: Pixabay)

But I suspect some of you will also attend the social hour starting at 5:00 PM, so we will see. That is all for the first part of my Ignite 2019 blog. I hope you will find many interesting sessions you want to attend.

Part 2 is published and cover the remaining days. You can find it here: Part 2


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