What happens to protected content if I delete an AIP label?

Just a short blog post today. What happens to protected content if you delete a label? Yes, that is a question I have been asked a few times. Will I lose access to the protected content if the label that has protected it is deleted? That would be pretty bad right?

Well, that doesn’t happen. If we decide to delete a label.

Delete label

We will be given a warning. 

Select OK (without too much worry)

And the label is gone from the list. So what happens to the data now? How will users gain access to it? Well, the label is gone, but the protection template is not. If you look at the list of templates, you will see that you now have one more. This will have the same settings as it had in the label, and the specified users will still have access.

If you want to delete the protection template for some reason, maybe you want to use the name for another label, then you should make sure that the users don’t have content that has been protected with this, but you will still be able to use the superuser feature to open content later.


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